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SEO Company

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If you build it they will not come. If you market it they will.
Marketing Blend

You can have the greatest website in the world, but it will not matter if your pool of potential customers doesn't know it exists. We design marketing campaigns that produce consistent traffic to your website, the single most critical factor in online business success. No potential avenue is ignored. We implement everything from search engine optimization to social media, the platforms your target market is using each and every day. 

SEO Company

Search engine optimization, better known as "SEO", is the single most effective internet marketing method online these days and it is our specialty. To understand the true value of SEO, consider the potential market you can reach with a top ranking on just Google. Google reports there are 1.5 million queries on its search engine for "real estate" each month, 27,000 for "financial planning", and 60,500 for "travel agent". What would it mean to your site to receive visitors in these kinds of numbers? Why not find out? Contact us today for a free traffic report on the potential keywords for your site. 

Internet Marketing Firm

The internet is an ever evolving marketing medium. While search engine optimization is by far the most important marketing method on the web, it is hardly the only one. Paid advertising and social media is critical as well. Paid advertising is used to fill in gaps in a search engine optimization campaign while we wait to obtain the desired rankings in question. Search engine optimization takes some time, so "PPC" platforms such as Google Adwords are ideal. 

Social media is the current hot trend online. Facebook has over 800 million users and Twitter is very popular as well. Google Plus is growing quickly as it tries to catch up to Facebook as well. Each of these platforms presents you with an opportunity to engage directly with your client pool again and again and again. Failing to interact with your clients through these mediums is a mistake. Imagine you decide to run a sale for a holiday period. You can drop a post offering all your Facebook followers 10 percent off for any purchases they make. The more followers you have, the stronger your sales. At MarketingTitan.com, we provide you with innovative strategies to reach out and touch your clients and customers. 

Whether you are looking for an SEO company that can generate rankings or an internet marketing firm that can provide you with paid advertising and social media strategies that deliver results, Marketing Titan is the answer. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. 

Halstatt Pires
5040 Seachase Way
San Diego, California 92130
(619) 550-2267

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