A Definition of Keywords
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A Definition of Keywords

Undoubtedly, you have been reading about online marketing and keep seeing references to keywords. So, what exactly are keywords? Here is a definition of keywords and some advice.

A Definition of Keywords

Surprisingly, there are a variety of definitions for keywords. You are probably wondering how that can be, but it becomes pretty clear when you consider the different applications that use keywords.

Generally, keywords can be defined as a word or words identifying something on a page. This article is about defining keywords. As such, the title of the article is the keyword phrase which identifies the content of the page, to wit, “Definition of Keywords.”

More accurately, however, keywords can be defined as the specific terms used by person to search for something on the net. To find this page, you may have searched for “keyword definition” or “define keywords” or some such thing. This application is of great interest to Internet marketers. We want to know how you search for something so we can get our sites listed under those keyword phrases.

For pay-per-click advertising [ppc], keywords are defined as words used by prospects for which advertisements can be created and placed on search engines. In this sense, keywords are defined broadly. Because of the way ppc platforms like Google and Overture work, I just need a general idea of how you search for a subject of interest to me. I can place an advertisement under “travel gift” and the platform will list the ad for all searches close to this phrase, to wit, “traveler gifts,” “gifts for traveling” and so on.

For search engine optimization [seo], keywords are defined as the exact phrases used by prospects to search for something. Unlike ppc, seo requires the identification of the exact phrases because the page will rarely appear under similar keyword phrases. Using our previous example, I would have to build three individual pages for travel gift, traveler gifts and gifts for traveling. The different arrangement of words and tenses require as much.

Identifying a definition of keywords is entirely dependent upon how you intend to use them. In general, you want to identify the phrases being used to search for your produce or service and then incorporate those in your Internet marketing.

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