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Free Keyword Builder

Keywords are the focus point of every Internet marketing campaign. Finding a free keyword builder isnít hard, but you have to understand their limitations.

Free Keyword Builder

Building a keyword list for a pay-per-click or search engine optimization campaign is a critical step. To be honest, you should break out the credit card and pay for a top notch keyword analysis tool. If you insist on doing it for free, there are a couple of ways to go about it.

At one time, overture was the dominant pay-per-click search engine. Over time, Google Adwords has surpassed it, but it still dominates in one area. The Overture inventory tool is simply the best free source for developing keywords. You simply enter the most general keyword you are interested in and it kicks out all relevant stats for the last 30 days period. The stats include the keyword phrases incorporating your word, which were used by surfers on MSN and Google. It will also tell you the number of total searches each month and how much it costs to bid on various positions on Overture.

The Overture inventory tool has one distinct disadvantage. It doesnít really differentiate where the searches are occurring, to wit, on Yahoo, MSN or another location where it places ads. As a result, the keyword phrases can be hit and miss because some might be generated by European traffic or what have you. Personally, I only use the tool to determine if there are enough searches in a particular area to warrant developing a site or section of a site. Since it is free, however, one can hardly complain about the results.

A better keyword builder is WordTracker. You have to pay, but you can buy a two day membership for a miserly $8. If you canít afford $8, you might be in the wrong game. Regardless, Wordtracker essentially does the same thing as Overture. The primary difference, however, is it is far more accurate, surveys a longer period of time and tells you how many other sites are competing for the keywords it reports. This lets you identify primer keyword phrases that might have 500 searches a day, but only a few sites competing for them. On top of this, it even analyzes Overture and tells you how the traffic is divided up.

Developing accurate keywords is critical to your marketing. Find a free keyword builder like Overture isnít a problem, but you are far better off spending the $8 on WordTracker.

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