How To Write Good Keywords
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How To Write Good Keywords

Keywords this and keywords that. The term is mentioned in nearly every article you will read about online marketing. So, how do you write good keywords?

How To Write Good Keywords

If you want to write a list of good keywords, you need to take a couple of definitive steps. The first is to give some serious thought to your business. What is the subject matter of your business? What sub-categories are there for your subject matter? Just start making a list and include everything you can think of regardless of how relevant each phrase is.

Assume I want to open a site in the travel industry. Letís say I want to offer trips to Europe. The subject matter of might site is ďtravel.Ē Without putting much effort into it, I would also list Europe, travel, vacations, France, Germany, Italy, England and so on. Just make as long a list as you can.

We have created a list of keywords, but are these the ones we are going to use on our site and for our marketing? No. This is where most sites blow it. All we have created is a list of subjects, not keywords. To make your site a success, you have to identify the keyword phrases your prospects are searching for within these subjects. Fortunately, this is fairly easy.

Allow me to introduce you to WordTracker. Wordtracker is a program you will grow to love. The program is tremendous because it allows you to analyze a subject matter to find out every phrase your prospects are using in searches for that subject matter. Put another way, you donít need to write good keywords. Wordtracker does it for you!

Going back to our travel site, I would go to my Wordtracker account and do an analysis of the word travel. You literally type the word into a box, click a button and the program kicks out all of the phrases used. These are the keywords you should use in your marketing.

I am often asked how to write good keywords. The simply answer is you donít need to. Follow the above directions and let Wordtracker do it for you. You can get access to the program for two days for a measly $8. Once you get the hang of it, you will buy a year subscription and use it every day.

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