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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital first step to any Internet marketing plan. Fail to take this step and you are going to have a very difficult time making money on the web.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical because it tells you the exact phrases potential customers or clients are using to search for your service or product. Put in practical terms, the research will reveal the problems your prospects are having. Your job is to provide solutions on your site to those problems. If you provide a quality solution, prospects will gladly convert into paying customers. It really is that simple.

Keyword research can be done in a couple of ways, but I prefer using the Word Tracker program. This program is really the key to everything you will do on the net. You can read how to use Wordtracker here, but a quick overview should show you the value.

Assume I want to start or have a dog grooming business providing grooming services and selling grooming products. I would log into Wordtracker and do a search for all keyword phrases related to “dog grooming”. Here are a few of the keyword phrases being used by my potential customers:

  • Dog grooming
  • Dog grooming supplies
  • Dog grooming supply
  • Dog grooming products
  • Professional dog grooming products
  • Dog grooming tools
  • Dog grooming tips

You would expect to see a number of these phrases, but a few are surprises. “Dog grooming tools” is one I didn’t expect, which means there may be a marketing opportunity. To verify this, we use an additional tool provided by Wordtracker.

Wordtracker gives you the ability to perform “competition analysis” for keywords. Essentially, this tells you how many hits you can expect for a keyword and the number of other sites trying to get rankings for it.

Having performed a competition analysis on the above keywords, I find a couple of prime marketing opportunities. “Professional dog grooming products” has roughly 60 searches a day and only 372 sites trying to get ranked under the phrase. On the other had, dog grooming tools has over 12,000 sites trying to get ranked under it. What this research tells me is I should focus on professional dog grooming products instead of the tools keyword phrase.

Obviously, this example represents an analysis of only one keyword phrase. When you do keyword research, you want to run the analysis on all phrases related to your site, service and/or product.

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