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Wordtracker Software – Generate Killer Keywords

Using the correct keywords is the key to making a killing off the net. If you want to do it right, you have to use Wordtracker.

Wordtracker Software

Wordtracker is a program that compiles a database of the searches people type to find things. The database is made up of over 300 million searches in a 60 day period. The sheer volume of the database means you get accurate information.

To use Wordtracker, you enter a few keywords into the system and it tells you how many times the terms were searched for. It also tells you the exact keyword phrases people used that incorporate the terms you entered. It is like looking into the mind of your potential customers. Imagine owning a business and knowing ahead of time what each customer is looking for before they even walk in the door. This is exactly what the program tells you.

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The real beauty of Wordtracker is it lets you pick and choose the absolute best keyword phrases for your business. It does this by showing you how many searches occur for each keyword phrase every 24 hours and how many sites are competing for rankings under the keyword. Using this information, you can pick high traffic keywords with low competition for rankings. Even if you make a half assed optimization effort, the pages on your site should appear high in the search engine rankings. That means free traffic, high sales and tremendous profits.

To nail down your profits, there is a particular tool in Wordtracker you absolution must use. Once you generate a list of keyword phrases, you want to pursue a “competition search.” This tool lets you pick a search engine and see how attractive each keyword phrase is for that search engine. You can literally find keyword phrases that have 500 searches a day and NO sites competing for rankings. Yes, on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Identifying these keywords and incorporating them into your site is the way to make a bundle on the Internet.

Try Wordtracker

Listen, you want to know the secrets to making a bundle on the net. Search engine optimization is the only way you are ever going to do it. The secret to search engine optimization is Wordtracker. Use it for a month and I guarantee you will be thanking your lucky stars you read this article. This is the sole tool I use for search engine optimization, which is about the highest compliment I can give it.

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